Bamboo Case

SLYK Shades

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Sandra San Martin
Skyk Products

My first purchase was a pair of sunglasses which are stunning. I would like to add an additional shout out to the packaging in which the products are shipped. The box that the sunglasses came in was so beautiful that I used it to carry them around. Then, came the bamboo sunglass carrier in two different colors, I chose the darker one. Those Are easy to carry your sunglasses they’re stunning and they’re made out of bamboo! Who wouldn’t just love them?! My plans are to buy future products as soon as I work a little bit more.

ReBecca Mathewson
Great packaging

Very attractive case for Sylk Shades. There is a slight odor that I hope dissipates soon.
The sunglasses are the lightest weight glasses I have ever found.

meghan kerry
So many compliments

Light and comfortable. Came in beautiful packaging. Love the saying inside the arm. Many compliments on the design and uniqueness of the glasses.

Leslie Reed
Beautiful shades

Love, love, love these sunglasses! I had a lady on a cruise that had a pair on, they were so beautiful I wanted to buy some for myself! I am very happy with my purchase!

Myrriah Osborne
Attractive sturdy case

I ordered two of these bamboo cases, one in light brown and one in dark, but was sent two dark cases. I really wanted to easily tell which were my sunglasses and which my prescription glasses for when I'm not wearing contacts. That said, the cases are beautiful.

peter jager
Great stylish product

Great sturdy case

James Smith
My eyes feel cool!

I love my sustainably-sourced abalone glasses! They are light, and enable me to see to the depths of the springs here in FL. They help my light-colored eyes feel relaxed in the bright sun. I get lots of complements too! So glad I splurged on these. Thank you!

Beth H.
Cool Bamboo cases!!

I’m a lover of all things bamboo and my new case is a very nice, quality made item! Bamboo is so durable and pretty and this case will protect my new Beachcomber shades forever!

jenny lundy
I luv em.

I luv em.they are beautiful. Thanks.

Roseanna Asher-Relf

The case, the glasses everything is beautifully crafted and so unique. The glasses are light weight and so comfortable to wear. So happy I bought two pairs in differing styles and colours!