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Article: FAQ's - Your Burning Questions

FAQ's - Your Burning Questions

FAQ's - Your Burning Questions

A lot of people ask us a lot of questions about our brand, our shades, our founder... So we believe it's time to answer the most burning questions for all of you guys and maybe shed some light for you as well! 

No.1: You're shades are kind a nice but way tooooo expensive!

Well, yes. It's not the cheapest product on earth, but worth every single Cent! Our sunglasses are made from premium recycled wood and we source the precious Abalone from New Zealand's Sustainability Program in order to make sure we're not harming or intervening with nature. Also, every single pair is handmade - believe it or not. It's engraved, filled with love and hope and then shipped to you on the safest route possible. AND we support greater causes like reforestation and children's mental health with every single purchase! So please don't confuse us with the cheap plastic brands out there.  

No. 2: Shame on you, Abalone is protected!

Yes, we know and we do everything to keep it that way. We already mentioned in part 1 that we source our Abalone in the most sustainable way possible. We're not harvesting these beautiful creatures JUST for our shades or graze beaches every weekend. We use an end product after they are eaten.

No. 3: Do you also offer prescription lenses?

Yes, we do! It's a little bit hidden on the website, but prescription lenses are available for all our wooden frames! If you are interested on how it works, you can check out the process right here. 

No. 4: They look so big. Will they fit my face? 

Well, every face is different and comes with a different shape and look. So without knowing your exact face, it will be very hard for us to answer this question. BUT we do have put together a little help for those unsure of what style to get. You can check out our blog post on the different face shapes to find your perfect pair of shades matching your particular face shape. Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

No. 5: They look so fragile. Are they actually durable? 

Uhm, not sure how rough you usually treat your sunglasses, but our SLYK Shades can survive quite a bit of action. Some of them can even float in water without drowning. How cool is that? They all come in a protective Bamboo case and we recommend keeping them in those when not in use to protect them from unnecessary scratching or wear and tear. But other than that they will last you a lifetime if you treat them as part of your family. 

Any more burning questions from your side? Don't hesitate to write us an email and ask us! We're happy to do more of these FAQs very soon! 

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