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Article: Different types of sunglasses lenses

Different types of sunglasses lenses

Different types of sunglasses lenses

There are various types of lenses out there and we do a little run through to the most important ones. 

To start with, one can distinguish between plastic (organic) lenses and glass (mineral) lenses. They both have their specific benefits in terms of price, durability and safety and we don't think that one is necessarily better than the other. 

Different Color and Tint Lenses

We have already written a blog article on lens colors in particular. So if you want to learn more about different lens colors, you can read up on that topic right here: A Guide to Lens Colors

But in short: lens colors can have an effect on your mood and the clarity of your image, based on the environment. So picking the right lens color for you can be very important. 

Polarized Lenses

All our SLYK Shades come with HD UV400 Polarized lenses. Why? Because sunglasses with polarized lenses generally provide greater comfort since they not only block out the dangerous UV rays but also reduce glare from bright light that is reflecting off flat, often horizontal surfaces. So polarized lenses are perfect for activities on water, in the snow, roads and even sand. You also have a lot of glare during the colder winter months which makes wearing sunglasses in winter equally important. 

Mirrored Lenses

The reflective coating applied to the front of the lens limit the amount of light that can pass and hence mirrored lenses are very effective in protecting your eyes. This comes in handy in very bright environments where mirrored lenses are also a perfect companion for outdoor activities such as watersports, mountain biking or skiing. The other effect of mirrored lenses is that they mask the eyes of the wearer which can be a benefit in certain situations or professions. Browse our different styles to find those with mirrored lenses! We do have quite a few options available! 

Gradiant Lenses

As the name already implies, those lenses are darker colored on the top and then become gradually lighter at the bottom of the lens. Those type of glasses are usually great in the car as they shield the eyes from other passing cars and overhead sunlight while the lower part of the lens gives full visibility. 

Prescription Lenses

Well, those of you wearing normal glasses certainly know this type of lens as it is especially made and customised for you and your specific eyesight. Almost any type of sunglasses can be made with progressive lenses, bifocals or trifocals. At SLYK we also offer the opportunity to get prescription lenses for all our frames. Check out how it works HERE



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