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Article: Benefits of Wooden Sunglasses and How They Are Made

Benefits of Wooden Sunglasses and How They Are Made

Benefits of Wooden Sunglasses and How They Are Made

Wooden sunglasses are definitely a booming trend at the moment and you literally find them all over the place. But why? What makes wooden sunglasses so special and how are they actually made? Find out how we at SLYK produce our wooden sunglasses from scratch and what we believe are they key benefits of owning a wooden pair of shades.

Let’s start right off with the benefits of wooden sunglasses. First of all, most wood frame sunglasses are exceptionally lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. They basically melt into your face and you can barely feel them sitting on your nose.

Secondly, wooden sunglasses are recommendable and suitable for people with allergies. They are made from 100% natural materials and don’t contain any nasty ingredients that might cause allergic reactions.

Another benefit of most wooden sunglasses is the fact that they float! So even if you loose them in the swimming pool or on another slobbery adventure, it will be fairly easy to pick them up as they float on the water surface.

Also, quite often you'll find that plastic or polycarbonate frames come in very bright colors that usually draw away the attention from the face itself. While some people might like that, others prefer a more natural look. Wood frames naturally blend with the rest of the face giving a pleasantly authentic look!

What else can we say - MINIMIZE the use of PLASTIC and switch to natural materials. Wait a minute, some of you probably say that cutting down trees is a similar felony, but rest assured we at SLYK care for the environment and give back to mother nature. With every purchase we receive, we plant one new tree with our partner One Tree Planted.

Now let’s have a look at how our sunglasses are made! As the very first and basic step, we are sourcing sustainable wood. Many sunglasses are actually made from Bamboo trunks. We at SLYK use Walnut, Ebony, Sandalwood and Maple.

The wood trunks are sliced into sections of approximately 15-20cm. From that, we cut out strips that are wide enough for the sunglasses frames to be cut out of. This strip of wood is then placed under a machine which cuts out the programmed frame shape.

The rough wooden sunglasses frame is then sanded down for a smooth and splinter free finish. The same process is applied to the arms of the sunglasses.

We at SLYK are super proud to offer the ORIGINAL Abalone collection which means that our sunglasses are extremely unique and rare. For our Abalone collection, we add an additional layer of sustainably sourced Abalone seashells to those models to give our sunglasses that extraordinary look and absolutely amazing style.

Then everything is put together. Holes are drilled into the arms of the sunglasses and the frame to attach the hinge.

Finally, the sunglasses are then polished and engraved with our brand logo and a secret motivational quote on the inside of the arm. That way, our products become even more unique and special as they carry uplifting messages for their proud owner.

Lastly, the lenses are cut out to the desired shape and size and manually inserted into the wooden frames. And Voilá, a new SLYK Shade is born!

Check out our video for more insights! 


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