Mermaid Must-Haves

Remember way back in your childhood when someone stepped on your dreams of becoming a mermaid?

They told you that you were dreaming and mermaids couldn’t possibly exist.

Well, they couldn’t be more wrong…

Now you can live your childhood dream, swimming with the fish like an elegant mermaid next summer.

Mermaid Shades

SLYK is proud to make stylish Mermaid Shades to help you feel the part. Our Ice Blue Mermaid Shades, Smoke Mermaid Shades, and Violet Mermaid Shades are all lovingly made with premium-grade ebony wood and genuine abalone shells so you can connect with the spirit of the ocean.

Our Rose Mermaid Shades feature an elegant, sandalwood design coupled with abalone and HD UV400 Polarized lenses just like the rest of our Mermaid collection. All SLYK shades are engraved with an inspirational quote too!

But a real mermaid needs more than some fashionable seashell shades, and that’s where our friends over at Cape Cali come in!

Cape Cali Mermaid Tail

Did you know they have stunning Mermaid Tails in various colors, like Opal, Aruba, and Abalone!

These exciting tails pair well with Abalone Leggings, Mermaid Bathing Suits, and Luxury Mermaid Robes to complete your underwater look!

Like SLYK, Cape Cali is making the world a better place by donating 10% of all profits to the Pacific Marine Mammals Center because these real-life mermaids are dedicated to saving the oceans and the critters that share the waters with them…

Mermaids are the guardians of the sea, after all!

So don’t give up on your dream to become a mermaid. SLYK and Cape Cali are committed to helping you live like you always wanted to, and helping heal the oceans and seas in the process!

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