A Guide to Lens Colors

Most people aren’t aware that different color lenses have other effects and benefits (apart from looking unique and stylish).

Did you know:

- Smoke and Silver are the tried and true all-purpose eye protection that reduces glare while keeping your color perception true.

Ice Blue lenses are the best for high glare scenarios, such as during snowy conditions or time spent on the water. They have a rosy tint looking through them and have a calming effect on the eyes. They enhance contours around objects and improve color perception.

Green Wave lenses are great for all purposes, outdoor activities in any weather, and equal transmission of all the colors. They provide good contrast for low-light conditions as well.

Orange lenses are a favorite for making the environment appear brighter and are great for low-light conditions. With a bluish tint looking through them, they help enhance contrast and depth perception making them useful for hazy or foggy conditions.

Rose and Sunset Pink lenses have a slight greenish tint looking through them and help brighten up the world. They provide the most depth and contrast and can help increase visual awareness on the road.

Violet lenses have a greenish tint looking through and are great for mid to bright conditions. They increase contrast and depth perception.

Brown Smoke lenses are recommended for variable everyday conditions. They enhance contrast and contain a red element to improve depth perception

There are plenty of other things to learn about too when it comes to the different types of lenses.

From mirror coated lenses to polarized lenses, it’s always good to know what you like before buying a stylish pair of SLYK shades!



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